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In the year 2020, TOPIK will be held 4 times in Hong Kong
4 December, 2019 (28 August, 2020 Updated)

TOPIK The 69th
The 70th
The 72nd
The 73rd
Test date 2020 May 24th 2020 July 12th 2020 October 18th 2020 November 15th
Entrance period (*second round)
2020 March
18th (9am) –
22nd (9pm)
(*second round)
2020 May
4th (9am) –
8th (9pm)
2020 July
3rd (9am) –
13th (9pm)
2020 September
3rd (9am) –
4th (9pm)
Result 2020 June 30th 2020 August 20th 2020 November 26th 2020 December 24th
*In consideration of applicants who missed the first round, second round applications will be accepted during the above-mentioned period. For candidates who have successfully applied in the first round, please do not apply again.