Updated News

In the year 2024, TOPIK will be held 3 times in Hong Kong
24 November, 2023 (9 January, 2024 updated)

TOPIK The 93rd The 95th The 96th
Test date 2024 April 14 2024 July 14 2024 October 13
Entrance period 2024 January
15 (9am) –
25 (9pm)
2024 April
29 (9am) –
May 9 (9pm)
2024 July
15 (9am) –
25 (9pm)
Result 2024 May 30 2024 August 22 2024 November 28
TOPIK 1 - 500 people
TOPIK 2 - 500 people

Points to Note:
  1. Seats are limited and registration will be on first-come-first-served basis.
  2. The 87th TOPIK would be confined to residents of Hong Kong. Start from the 89th TOPIK, all regions of candidates will be accepted for application.
  3. TOPIK application and test schedule are subject to change due to COVID-19. Before applying, applicants are advised to check the latest announcement and updated news.
  4. For the TOPIK to be held on or after 2021, the test fee will be adjusted as TOPIK I — HK$400; TOPIK II — HK$500.
  5. Applicants who want to apply for any accommodated testing arrangement must send their application with medical report via email to topik@kis.edu.hk during application period and no late application will be accepted. Application of special arrangement is subject to TOPIK Korea’s approval and the availability of the examination centre. The TOPIK Hong Kong does not guarantee all accommodated testing arrangement requests can be approved and arranged.
If you have any question, please email us: topik@kis.edu.hk